One Marine Services’ navigation keeps your fleet on course.


“We need excellent navigation equipment and a premium engineering maintenance programme to ensure our ships stay on course, but there are so many choices, and I don’t know if we are always presented with the best option.”


One Marine Services keeps your fleet on course with its unrivalled choice of navigation tools and its renowned customer service. We will recommend the optimum suite of tools to meet your need for safe and efficient voyage planning both on-board and ashore. Our service coordination across the globe ensures our highly skilled engineers maintain – and address any issues with – your equipment in any port globally in the shortest time possible.

Indeed, we offer installation and maintenance of equipment worldwide, including shipyard refitting and new buildings. This technical service is carried out directly through a large network of qualified engineers supported by suitable warehouses for the stocking of spare parts and through a cooperation network of over 200 selected companies operating in over 1000 ports worldwide. Many of these activities are handled commercially through an integrated and flexible contract scheme with different levels of insurance for an all-inclusive, full maintenance service.