About Us

One Marine Services is a multifaceted maritime enterprise headquartered in Monte Carlo.

Successfully servicing the commercial, cruise, ferry and yacht sectors, One Marine Services provides its clients with a full support package, including installation, the provision of spares, and project management services for vessel upgrades and refits.

Added Value

With deep knowledge and understanding of marine electronics as well as the latest technologies, our team is able to provide high-end solutions in that field.

Zwana Z54 is a hardware & software system designed to operate in remote locations utilizing a satellite link for communication

abela is a cloud-based solution for ship managers and enterprise organizations, which enables data transfer and task allocation in and to remote locations, such as vessels or sites

An industrial PC that meets the extreme demands of the maritime industry even for the most discerning of customers

One Marine Services navigates its professional landscape steered by the desire to excel in its field and always exceed the expectations of its customers.