IT Services

One Marine Services harnesses its intricate knowledge to anchor your cyber safety efforts.


“Today, the shipping Industry has changed quite a lot due to new IMO Standards with which a vessel has to comply. These standards often require the application of advanced technology. For example, the IMO has recently released a guideline for cyber security encouraging owners to comply with it. The guidelines provide high-level recommendations on maritime cyber risk management to safeguard shipping from current and emerging cyberthreats and vulnerabilities. The guidelines also include functional elements that support effective cyber risk management. Stakeholders need to take the necessary steps to safeguard shipping from current and emerging threats and vulnerabilities related to digitisation, integration, and automation of processes and systems, but it can be overwhelming to know what technology and solutions are best suited to your individual circumstances and needs.”


Effective cyber risk management should consider the dual nature of threats, be they malicious actions (such as hacking or the introduction of malware) or the unintended consequences of benign actions (inclusive of software maintenance or user permissions), as well as the safety and security impacts resulting from the exposure or exploitation of vulnerabilities in information technology systems.

Malicious and benign actions can expose vulnerabilities (spanning outdated software to ineffective firewalls) or exploit vulnerabilities in operational or information technology, whether directly (for example, from weak passwords leading to unauthorised access) or indirectly (demonstrated by the absence of network segregation).

Vulnerabilities, meanwhile, can arise from inadequacies in design, integration and/or maintenance of systems, as well as lapses in cyber discipline by operational personnel or third parties, which may compromise these systems (such as the inappropriate use of a memory stick).

Overall, there are serious implications for security and the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information when vulnerabilities are exposed or exploited, as well as implications for physical safety in cases when critical systems (namely, bridge navigation or main propulsion systems) are compromised.

One Marine Services can harness its intricate knowledge to effectively advise ship owners and managers of how to adopt and implement a stalwart cyber risk management scheme, providing, also, the IT solutions and associated services needed to safeguard against threats and shore up any vulnerabilities.