About Us

About Us

One Marine Services navigates its professional landscape steered by the desire to excel in its field and always exceed the expectations of its customers.

One Marine Services is a multifaceted maritime enterprise headquartered in Monte Carlo.

A subsidiary of the Fameline Holding Group (FHG) family – a leading group within the maritime industry – One Marine Services harnesses this network and the inherent complex know-how of its team members to supply systems and equipment for communication, navigation, entertainment and safety, alongside the provision for the effective and integrated management of these systems.

Successfully servicing the commercial, cruise, ferry and yacht sectors, One Marine Services provides its clients with a full support package, including installation, the provision of spares, and project management services for vessel upgrades and refits.

Complementing this rich portfolio further is the provision of maritime VSAT and other mobile communications equipment, services and solutions.

Ships employ a vast array of systems and equipment for communication, navigation and safety, and effective and integrated management of these systems is vital in ensuring risks, delays and associated costs are kept to a minimum.

One Marine Services’ dedicated mission is to share its complex know-how and resources with its network of clients and collaborators to this end, providing customers with integrated maintenance solutions that serve to streamline management, ensure problem prevention, offer technical assistance, and guarantee expenditure control.

Why Choose Us

Choosing to collaborate with One Marine Services comes with a multi-pronged web of advantages underscored by the promise that we will – first and foremost, and unfailingly – invest in you and your future.

So, why choose us?

  • We do not charge by the hour, which means that you will be given a competitive, up-front and fixed price. This can be accounted for and assimilated into your wider budget: no surprises!
  • We offer complex and sophisticated technical know-how as well as informed, cultivated management.
  • We are here to serve you, with our team members at your disposal 24/7, and we can efficiently and effectively deliver a range of services worldwide via the deployment of qualified riding squads.
  • We practise full disclosure and transparency and invite our customers to review our full Terms and Conditions online.
  • And we adhere to a professional yet personal one-to-one contact system, laying the foundation for a long-term and fruitful relationship.


One Marine Services navigates its professional landscape steered by the desire to excel in its field and always exceed the expectations of its customers.

Sensitive to our customers’ needs – that of the highest quality service, and the lowest risk outlook, coupled with minimum delays and costs – we achieve our mission by actively keeping afloat of the latest market developments and trends, ensuring we represent the pinnacle of knowledge and technical know-how in our sphere of work.

Our specialist team members undergo rigorous training and embody One Marine Services brand of commitment and supremacy of skills to be able to inspire trust on both a personal and professional level.

In this way, vessel owners and managers need focus only on their business’ individual growth trajectory, safe in the knowledge of One Marine Services’ support.

Core Values

One Marine Services’ core values are two-fold: professional prowess meets personal promises.

Safeguarding our professional prowess is vital to supporting our success. We value the power inherent in working towards ever-betterment and ensuring we endure as the superior provider of supply systems and equipment, and associated management, for communication, navigation, entertainment and safety. We employ our rich network and know-how to deliver our services promptly, with competitive pricing and technical mastery.

Parallel to this, we are fiercely focused on nurturing our relationships with our clients and collaborators, inspiring trust and confidence: if we make a promise, it’s personal, and it will be fulfilled.

Quality Policy Statement

The Quality Policy of One Marine Services SARL was written by the members of the organisation and thus reflects the culture of the organisation. The Quality Policy guides all employees to be committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system and provides the framework for establishing and reviewing the quality objectives of the organisation.

The Quality Policy is readily available, understandable to all in the organisation and reviewed for continual suitability. The Quality Policy is available to external interested parties upon their offices request.

The “One Marine Services SARL” Quality Policy:

• One Marine Services SARL works to understand, meet and exceed the specific needs and expectations of their clients, stakeholders and other interested parties within their extensive portfolio of quality principals.

• One Marine Services SARL strives through traditional and electronic means to be in constant and effective contact with principals thus providing timely and efficient service to its clients and partners.

• One Marine Services SARL represents many blue-chip principals operating in the marine industry today. The quality of the principal is determined by quality of the product, quality of the service and demand in the local market for the product.

• One Marine Services SARL ensures continuous improvement of product lines and services provided through active customer feedback and always in compliance with applicable Rules and Legislations.

• One Marine Services SARL is committed to establishing Quality Objectives and continuously reviewing these objectives in order to comply and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

• One Marine Services SARL conducts itself in the most professional manner possible adhering to the International Quality System Standard ISO 9001:2015.